Why Attend Virtually?

What is a Virtual Conference?

A virtual conference is a Web-based event that replicates many aspects of a traditional place-based conference, membership meeting, or trade show. It may take place on a standalone basis or in conjunction with a place-based conference (i.e., a “hybrid” event).

Virtual conferences feature multiple sessions (not just a single Webinar or Webcast) and may include keynote presentations, training and education workshops, discussion areas, social networking opportunities, exhibit areas for vendors, and various other features. Activities in a virtual conference may take place in real time (synchronously), on demand (asynchronously), or some combination of the two.

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Why Attend?

  • Never miss a session, presentation, or poster – you will have access to all sessions on-demand up to 3 months after the virtual conference – meaning you do not have to miss a thing!
  • Join live discussions – easy accesses to let yourself be heard, ask questions and connect with speakers 
  • Network and reconnect with colleagues – Using live text, audio, and video chat, you can engage to create connections and get detailed, personalized insights regarding the agenda of the conference and the exhibition.
  • Visit the virtual tradeshow – take a virtual tour of the exhibition hall to explore what’s new in the industry. Check out videos and digital presentations for information and have a chat with attending industry reps.